Afetak peoples are groups of Amutetikam-speaking peoples, they mainly speak Afetak languages.

Traditionally, the Afetak peoples live on boats, they make a living by fishing, thus they are also known as the "boat peoples", and the word "Afetak" is from the Fish River Afetak word for "boat", which is from Proto-Amutetikam ʔapʰεtak "canoe".

Afetak peoples live along with Ndukhal peoples, however, both of archaeological findings and historical records show that Afetak peoples have a peaceful relationship with Ndukhal peoples, intermarriage between Afetak peoples and Ndukhal peoples were common.

Afetak peoples are seen as one of the Barbarian Amutetikams by Amutetikam-speaking from the Amutetikamland.

Most groups of Afetak peoples have been extinct, the only possible surviving group of the Afetak peoples is the Eastsanders.