Amutet is one of Teles' continents. It is divided from Avesta to the west by the Sengjang River. In the north is the Atkaik Peninsula, to the east lie the Faddevar Ocean and the Isles of Jatšekí, and to the south of the Argelian Peninsula, across the Straits of Danniekar, is the continent of Tungwana. Amutet is Teles' second-largest continent, after Avesta.

The continent is inhabited by several major language families: The Akurigan languages, Amutetikam-Tiledem languages, Handapachi language, Songke languages, Tingwe-ǂaa Uteq languages, and Ulitan languages.

The Amutet continent was credited with beginning civilization, and many major world events happened there.


The name "Amutet" comes from the Proto-Amutetikam word Àmùtèt meaning Home or Homeland. Originally the term was used only for the easternmost portion of Amutet, but it expanded to include the entire geographical region.



The Proto-Amutetikam were nomadic and built tools to help in important tasks like hunting, fishing and, to a lesser extent, farming. They existed in tribes which were usually named after their deities. They had many shrines which housed the resting places of loved ones or sacred objects such as purportedly blessed tools and vials of water.



Teles has a very varied climate, including tropical rainforests, deserts, temperate climates and icy Northern climates.