Pronunciation Unknown
Geographic distribution Eastern Amutet
Linguistic classification One of Teles' major language families
Proto Language Proto-Amutetikam
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The Amutetikam language family is a family of many interrelated languages in Eastern Amutet. It contains a good many subdivisions and other languages, and has been spoken by many over the centuries.

Its reconstructed proto-language is named Proto-Amutetikam, which is believed to have been spoken from 10000BK to around 7000BK.

Despite the name, it is not the only language family on the continent. The Ulitan languages are also spoken widely on the continent. These two families are considered unrelated.


Italics = Dead languages

The Amutetikam family first began to separate in around 9700BK, but the first actual linguistic entity to succeed from Proto-Amutetikam was Old Amutetikam.