Pronunciation Unknown
Period ca. 600AK?-
Spoken in Port Eastsand
Total speakers Unknown
Writing system Amutetikam alphabet
Classification Amutetikam
Basic word order SVO/VSO
Morphology agglutinating?
Alignment Nominative-Accusative(DOM)
Created by k1234567890y

Eastsandish, or Port Eastsand Amutetikam, is an Amutetikam language spoken at the Port Eastsand area, it is believed to be the last surviving member of the Afetak languages. It is almost certain that it is an Amutetikam language, as most of its basic words and morphological structures correspond to those of Amutetikam languages.

Port Eastsand Amutetikam has a mutual influence with Continental Uraki, and might have been an substratum of Continental Uraki, as Continental Uraki has many Amutetikam-origin words and is spoken at the same area where Port Eastsand Amutetikam was once spoken.

Sound ChangesEdit

Below are some known sound changes from Late Common Afetak to Eastsandish.

Common with some other late Afetak varieties:

  • θ > d
  • s > z > r

Unique to Port Eastsand Amutetikam:

  • f > xw > w
  • t > s
  • d > t
  • r > l / !#_(after l > j)
  • r > l > n / #_(after l > j)
  • l > j
  • j > tɕ(before l > j)
  • x > h
  • "Havlíkoid law": a law similar to the Havlík's law of Slavic languages, called, then an epenthetic /ə/ was used to prevent consonant clusters.
  • Vowel shift(occured after the "Havlíkoid law"):
    • i ɪ > ɨ
    • ə > i