The Handapachis, or the Handapachi people, are an ethnic group of the Western Amutet, the Handapachis speak a single language, the Handapachi language, which is currently considered as a language isolate.

The word Handapachi means "mountain-people" in the Handapachi language, which suggests that they mainly live on mountains.

The communities of the Handapachis are robust, the culture and the language of the Handapachis are not in danger, but they don't have their own sovereign state, they live in countries of Akur peoples and Songke-speaking peoples.

Most Handapachis are nomadic herdspeople, they make a living mainly by raising livestocks like cattles, sheep, goats and horses.

The Handapachis have long been recorded by the history, they were described as a group of barbaric, aggressive, unruly and ferocious people, but the Handapachis were also described as having a strong sense of solidarity, despite that they have many tribes; also, historical records shows that the Handapachis once had their own country and once occupied a much larger area in western Amutet, some historical records say that they had an empire in 500 BK - 1 AK, but it seems that the Handapachi Empire, if it's true that it really existed, was more likely to be a confederation of tribes led by a group of chiefs and aristocrats rather than a true Empire led by a single monarch.

Besides the Handapachis living in the western Amutet, there's a branch of Handapachi people called the Box people, the Box people are a nomad people roaming around the Amutet-Avesta-Amalan supercontinent, it is believed that they are from the Cape Box area(also called the Box Peninsula or the Green peninsula) of western Amutet.