The Kaltek people are a group of extinct ethnic groups of West Amutet, they lived in the Kaltek River area along with Tiledem-speaking peoples.

The Kaltek language, along with some Ydtobogȧntiaky Languages and Ular Languages, are the first languages with writing systems in Teles. The written form of the Kaltek language, called Classical Kaltek, is based on the Kaltek language spoken in about 4000 BK, since then the spoken form of the Kaltek language has undergone significant changes until its extinction in about 500 AK. No evidence shows that the Kaltek people has ever spoken two or more different languages at any time when they existed.

It is thought that the Akankule people, an ethnic minority group of the Great Whale Island, is related to the Kaltek people.

Despite being near the Zempachi peoples who developed metallurgy and having interactions with Zempachi peoples, the Kaltek people never had the technique of metallurgy before 1000 BK; Also, no evidence shows that the Kaltek people had domesticated any animal other than dogs and Chiki-chiki birds.

The Kaltek people built up an unified empire in the Kaltek River area in about 3500 BK, which is called the Empire of Kaltek, and was a major influence of cultures of Western Amutet and Eastern Avesta, many cultures show the influence of the Kaltek culture.

The Empire of Kaltek finally collapsed in about 1000 BK, due to the invasion of the Handapachi people, the Kaltek people, however, outlived the collapse of the Empire of Kaltek and survived until about 500 AK.

The extinction of the Kaltek people happened in about 500 AK, it is thought that they were eliminated and assimilated by the nearby Tiledem-speaking peoples.

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