Pronunciation baɹabo
Period Unknown > today
Spoken in Elenos Isles
Total speakers roughly 1 mil on Enelos
Writing system Modified Nyazish script
Classification Marawo-Shodot
Basic word order SOVX
Morphology Fusional
Alignment NOM/ACC
Created by YourFace

Miheler is the only surviving descendant of the Marawo branch of the Marawo-Shodot language family. It is spoken by about 3,150 people across the entirety of on the Enelose archipelago.

Phonology Edit

Consonants Edit

Lab. Den. Alv. Pal. Vel. Glot.
Nasal m n ŋ
Stop p, b t, d t, d k, g
Affricate ts, dz
Fricative f, v θ, ð s, z x h
Approximant w j
Lat. Approximant l ɹ

Vowels Edit

Fron. Cent. Back
Close i u
Close-mid o
Open-mid e
Open a

Morphology Edit

Verbs Edit

Verbs in Miheler retain most of the features of Proto-Marawo, but lack features such as the remote tenses (replaced with a simple past and future distinction) and the fourth person. Some conjugations have a separate form for evidentialities.

1 -sbo -se -sing
2 -bau -bowe -băng
3 -loi -lowe -long

Evidentials Edit

Verb endings in Miheler are a bit more fusional and less agglutinative than in Proto-Marawo, as they've been mutated by sound change. Thus, separate conjugation tables for the evidentials will be provided. Miheler removes the "assumed" (merged with inferential) and "storytelling" (completely removed) evidentiality.

Nonvisual Sensory Edit

pst prs fut
1 -sbot -sas -snus
2 -baus -bowas -bnus
3 -lois -lowas -lonus

Visual Sensory Edit

pst prs fut
1 -sbole -sale -slune
2 -bause -bowase -bnuse
3 -loise -lowase -lonuse


pst prs fut
1 -sbowāse -sāle -snuwāse
2 -bawāse -bowahāse -bnuwāse
3 -loyāse -lowahāse -lonuwāse

Inferential Edit

pst prs fut
1 -sbolong -salong -slunong
2 -bausong -bowasong -bnusong
3 -loisong -lowasong -lonusong

EX: damabnusong "[I] assume that you will hunt," damasing "I will hunt."

Nouns Edit

The nouns of Miheler are greatly simplified compared to Proto-Marawo. The plurality system was reduced to a simple SG-PL system (removing null, dual and paucal numbers) and removed the instrumental conjugations, replacing them with a preposition on the ABS and ERG forms.

Vowel-final Edit

NOM -[none] -i
ACC -re*
GEN [+long]se [+long]
DAT -þe -f

Consonant-final Edit

NOM -[none] -e
ACC -e
GEN -ēse -i
DAT -et -ef

EX: bang omahai damaring "I will hunt bears"

The instrumental is formed by adding the preposition ahe "via" before the noun.