The Nautlic Islands are located in the Faddevar Ocean south-west of Amutet. They consist of the Nautli island and the smaller [fixme] Islands.

History Edit

The only culture native to the Nautlic Islands are the Nautli-People. They started spreading westwards across the Nautli island in 10000 BK and reached the western end in 2000 BK. In that time, they also started top occupy the smaller [fixme] Islands.

In 5000 BK agriculture is introduced via Ular and Caayukuri. In consequence the Nautlic Kingdom arose and from 2000 BK it made trading contacts with much of the world. However, the kingdom was not very stable. In 1500 BK it started to split into the Nautlic Prinipalities. This split was complete by 1000 BK.

Afterwards it was heavily influenced by the Ular Expansion and later on the principalities were conquered by different countries in approximately 700 BK.

Geography Edit

The Nautlic Island have three different geographic areas. On the Nautli Island, the split can be seen as the Rivers Paling in the west and [fixme] in the east . On the smaller [fixme] Islands, the split is not that clear.

Climate Edit

To the north of the rivers, one can find a maritime climate, while the climate southern part is mostly steppe, with the exception of the southern coastal area which has a mediterranean climate. The smaller [fixme] Island are almost entirely maritime, with only the southernmost parts having a steppe climate.

Flora Edit

Most of the maritime zone of the Nautlic Islands is covered in dense Atlantic Forest, while the steppe and the mediterranean zone feature grassland. The Atlantic Forest region is known for its biodiversity, not only in tress, but also flowering plants and some precious herbs. Coastal regions of this type mostly feature medium size trees and shrups, while the trees in the inland are somewhat higher in stature.

Fauna Edit

In the Atlantic Forest several endemic species can be found. Rodent-like animals include the the Nautli water rat, the Nautli squirrel and the long-tailed climbing mouse. Predators include the forest dogs, the wood fox and the long tailed tree cat. There are also various species of birds.

People Edit

The native Nautli People are traditionally fishermen. That's why they are also very skilled in navigation. The coastal people are also known for their trading.

Nowadays Nautli People do not see themselves as one people, but as many different people, often due to different cultural influence from the outside. However most of them still speak a Nautli language.