Old Coastal Ljen is a language that was once spoken on Nautli Island. It is a direct descendant of Ancient Ljen.

Phonology Edit

Old Coastal Ljen has developed an enormous amount of palatalized consonants and degrees of palatalization. Secondary palatalization is usually indicated by a postposed ⟨y⟩. Orthography is indicated, where it is different from IPA.

Bilabial Coronal Dorsal Pharyngeal Glottal
Stops p pʲ t tʲ tʃ ⟨č⟩ tɕ c k kʲ
Nasals n nʲ ɲ ⟨ñ⟩ ŋ ⟨ng⟩
Fricatives s sʲ ʃ ⟨š⟩ ɕ ç ⟨s̃⟩ ʕ ⟨x⟩ ʕʷ ⟨xv⟩ h
Approximants l lʲ~ʎ

Old Coastal Ljen has simplified the vowels system of Ancient Ljen, lost the morphologically conditioned nasalization and introduced some new diphthongs.

front central back
high i u
mid e o
low a

Vowels in open syllables are optionally lengthened, whereas closed syllables can only have low or mid lax vowels. Some vowels, however are still written as high vowels, for etymological reasons and to make allophony more transparent.

Morphology Edit

Old Coastal Ljen has lost the ablative and the inessive case of Ancient Ljen, while the subessive case has become a general locative. There is now also a kind of differential object marking. The accusative case is still the default case for objects, but the instrumental case is used for human objects and the nomative case for inanimate objects.

Lexicon Edit

language - *PN:*jănxă - yen

eye - PN:*nxasx 'sun' - nas

cat - PN: *lxejeen - lyeyin