This article describes the sound changes from Ancient Ljen to Old Coastal Ljen. The stages are named for the most distinguishable sound changes taking place in that time.

É-Breaking, Loss of Radicals and Nasalized Vowels Edit

{ʕ h w} → ∅ /V_V
Ṽ -> Vŋ
{tʲ,nʲ,sʲ,lʲ,kʲ} → {tʃ,ɲ,ʃ,ʎ,c}
e → jɛ
ʎ → j
{i u ɛ o ɔ a} → {i: u: e: o: o: a:} / open syllables
{i u ɛ o ɔ a} → {ɪ ʊ ɛ ɔ ɔ a} / closed syllables

Second Palatalization Edit

C → Cj / C{i:,e:,ɪ}
Cj → Cʲ
{Cʲʲ jʲ cʲ ɲʲ wʲ ʕ ʕʷ h ŋʲ} → {Cʲ j c ɲ w ç ç ç ŋ}
{ɪ ʊ} → {ɛ ɔ}
C → Cʲ /_Cʲ

Vocoid Shortening and Emergence of Diphtongs Edit

{i u} → {j w}/V_
{i u} → {j w}/_V
{e o} → {j w}/V_
{e o} → {j w}/_V
{ii uu aa jj ww} → {i u a j w}