Map of Teles

Teles is the name of this planet. It is populated by many different animals, plants and human cultures with a multitude of different languages.

The planet has an aperture of about 14,000 kilometers, so it is slightly larger than Earth. On the other hand, it has only about 2 billion inhabitants, about a third of Earth's population.


Teles is dominated by a large coherent landmass, which is normally divided into three large continents, each of them as big as Asia on the Earth: Amalan in the north-west, Avesta in the center, and Amutet in the east. There is a third big continent in the extreme south, Tungwana. In addition to these four continents, there are a few smaller islands, mainly in the south-west of Amutet, like Ular, Nautlic Islands (working title) and an unnamed one in the east.


About 5000BK, there were many cultures on Teles. Centres of early highly sophisticated cultures were mainly the west coasts of Amalan and Avesta, as well as the east and south of Amutet. There were great contacts between all those cultures and peoples, so the research is unclear about how many cultures have become extinct in the last 7000 years.