Torumism is a monotheistic belief of Teles, it was the official religion of Nanarulamutland and is the common religion of Nanarulamuts and The Exiled Ones.

Torumism is seen as a cult by the officials of 'Agjʊlεkh, and is banned in 'Agjʊlεkh, as of 2010 AK, Torumism is still banned in 'Agjʊlεkh and many other Political Entities of Teles.

On the other hand, in Nanarulamutland, Torumism was once the official religion, despite Nanarulamutland has no state religion as of 2010 AK, it is believed that the government of Nanarulamutland still supports churches of Torumism.

Traditionally, it is said that Torumism was founded by the Man with Feathers, and traditionally, it is also said that the Man with Feathers is also the founder of the Kingdom of Nanarulamut, however, according to the documents of Kaltek people and Amutetikam-speaking peoples, Torumism clearly predates the Kingdom of Nanarulamut, and it seems that the founder of the Kingdom of Nanarulamut was actually a self-proclaimed descendant of the Man with Feathers who lived on the Bawim Islands.

Being a monotheism, Torumism holds the idea that there's a God and only one God in the universe. In Torumism, the God of the universe is called Torum(Turam in Classical Uraki and Modern Uraki). Followers of Torumism believe that while Torum has given human beings free will, Torum is eternal, omnipotent and omniscience, Torum created everything in the universe, they also believe that while human beings can't fully understand the will of Torum, Torum is the ultimate source of goodness, living a moral life is a divine order from Torum, being morally bad is to deny the divine orders of Torum and it is evil not to follow the order of Torum or to reject Torum.

Torumism holds the idea that Torum has no gender and is neither a male or a female, the shape of Torum is unspeakable and it is prohibited to make idols for Torum, it is even prohibited to draw any picture depicting Torum, trying to make idols or pictures for Torum is seen as a form of blasphemy.

There are at least two branches of Torumism: Nanarulamuts Torumism and Torumism of the exiled, Nanarulamuts Torumism is the form of Torumism believed by most of the Nanarulamuts, it was once the official religion of the Kingdom of Nanarulamut; while Torumism of the exiled is the form of Torumism believed by "The Exiled Ones", The Exiled Ones are Ulitan-speaking peoples derived from the South Fish River dwellers, they became exiled because they insisted in The Exiled Ones and rejected the official gods of 'Agjʊlεkh.