Pronunciation Unknown
Geographic distribution Southwestern Teles
Linguistic classification Isolated Language
Proto Language Proto-Tungwani
Subdivisions see the Subdivision section
Created by Rabotaju

The Tungwani language family is an isolate family in the eastern portion of the Tungwana continent. There are only a few subdivisions due to the population of speakers being relatively small. The Tungwani languages have been spoken over thousands of years.

Historical linguists have been able to reconstruct parts of the first Tungwani language, which they called Proto-Tungwani. It was estimated to have been spoken from 9,000 to 4,000 BK.

The Tungwani family is completely unrelated to all other known language families. Some of its characteristic features include its tonal system, which is featured in every Tungwani language, and its alphabet, which is featured in most of the languages.


Picture 1

Tungwani Language Tree - White: Live Language, Red: Dead Language, Blue: Proto-Language