Wudgy birds are a kind of flightless birds, they are native to many places of the Amutet-Avesta-Amalan supercontinent, but despite of their wide distribution, they are uncommon and it is not easy to see them.

The word "Wudgy" is the anglicized of its name in a local language, and the ultimate etymology of the word "Wudgy" is unknown.

Wudgy birds are omnivorous, they mainly feed on seeds, worms and insects, pretty much similar to chickens.

Wudgy birds are pretty small, they are nocturnal, shy, cautious and coward. They can grow up to about a size of a newborn chicken, and they also look somewhat to baby chickens; however, wudgy birds are blue, they have blue feathers, and the blue feather is their main feature.

Wudgy birds shows little sexual dimorphism, they are monogamous and don't change their mates after their original mates die.

It is unclear whether there are subspecies of wudgy birds, and based on evidence of comparative anatomy, it is suspected that Chiki-chiki bird are closely related to wudgy birds and may belong to the same genus.