Zempachi languages is a proposed language family, representing languages spoken by the Zempachi peoples.

All Zempachi languages have been extinct, no languages of Modern Teles are descendants of Zempachi languages, and no Zempachi languages have ever been written extensively, thus not much is known about them.


Zempachi languages of 1000BK

Distribution of Zempachi languages as of 1000 BK. Blue: Late Northwestern Zempachi ; Green: Late Southwestern Zempachi ; Yellow: Late Central Zempachi ; Red: Late Eastern Zempachi

Many details about the Zempachi languages are still unknown, however, according to some historical records, Zempachi peoples spoke at least four languages as of 1000 BK:

Also, it seems that the language of some Amutetikam inscriptions from the Kaltek River area which are supposed to be made in 2000 BK - 2500 BK might actually be an earlier form of Zempachi, see the article of Earlier Zempachi for more information.